A deadly weapon possessed by a fictional character of The Walking Dead by the name of Negan. Lucille comes in the form of a baseball bat wrapped around with barbed wire.
"This is Lucille, and she is awesome." -Negan
by bitstripslang October 26, 2016
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*1. Something or someone that is precious, cherished and/or loved.

*2. Legendary.

-B.B Kings Guitar is named; Lucille.
- Negan's bat in "The Walking Dead" is named; Lucille.
- The Top Shelf Connoisseur strain: Platinum GSC X Original OG is named; Lucille.

-Lucille Ball is a legendary entertainer and comedian.
"This is Lucille, and she is awesome!"
by Chasing Amazing August 31, 2020
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Lucille is a lady that will make your dreams come true! She will brighten your day and support you for whatever you do. Lucille will also be the most gorgeous girl you’ve seen! Lucille will keep her promises no matter what! But, never make a Lucille mad. She will be able to make anyone believe her lies.
Jimmy,”Wow look at Lucille!”

Bob,”She hates me because I cheated on her! But isn’t she gorgeous....”
by Nobody in town March 31, 2020
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"Dude, I Listened To Lucille Like, 76 Times Yesterday, And I Still Don't Know What Its About."
by Joam Ama May 13, 2010
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a wink.
batting the eyelash.
inticing a sexref.

a Lucille is based off the greatest show ever: Arrested Development.

"Arrested Development: Spring Breakout (#2.17)" (2005)
Narrator: Lucille was suffering from a hangover-related headache and sought her medication. That's when she mistook the red eye alcohol warning for a winking-eye alcohol suggestion. But she had the good sense not to drive herself to the meeting.
Not only did this guy honk but he also Lucilled at me!
by Colleen O January 23, 2008
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The name B.B. King gave to his guitar, usually a black Gibson ES-345-355 guitar. Some blues musicians use the name to refer to their guitars.
I could always let Lucille sing.
by Char the Hellhound November 18, 2018
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A 'vintage' name, generally owned by someone who is over the age of 70... unless used as a nickname for 'Lucy' or 'Lucinda' or (hopefully not!) 'Lucifer'....
Person 1- hey whats your name?
Person 2- Lucille
Person 1- Cool! how old are you?
Person 2- 84
by Lemonadepuff April 26, 2011
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