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What one would say as a greeting to a person who is comparable to the ancient Greek God of sky and thunder.
Some also say Heyzeus is a type of substance.
Others say Heyzeus rhymes with corn-dog. I don't believe them.
Mere Mortal- Hey Zeus!
Zeus- What did you say?!
Mere Mortal- U-urm, I meant urm... Heyzeus !
Zeus- That's more like it... Meh I'll kill you anyway.
by uwanttruthitellz August 24, 2009
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If any human being becomes too self-aware of their brain's functions, such as the reflex arc or the chemical reactions in their brain, their brain deterioates, scrambling every nerve ending in the body before shutting down. This is the worst pain known to man; the triple placebo pneumatic bypass.
Some say this is what the matrix does when it looks like one of its captors are going to break away.

This can also occur when a human being spots a glitch in the Matrix, e.g- George Bush Junior being re-elected.
Doctor- I'm sorry... We couldn't save him.
Parent- One minute he was fine and then!... What was it?
Doctor- A triple placebo pneumatic bypass. I'm truly sorry.
by uwanttruthitellz May 10, 2009
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A flat affro. This phenomenom often occurs when a human with an affro sits or lies down and rests their head against a surface that gives greater resistance than their hair. This gives them a flat affro, and this does not right itself until the wearer of the affro fluffs up his/her hair. The degree of a flaffro can vary.
Guy with Afro- Hey guys... What is it?
Guy- You have a flafro.
Guy with Afro- What?
Guy- You look like a flattened hedgehog! Fluff it up a bit, man!
by uwanttruthitellz August 08, 2009
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A wank that the wank-ee has no control over and happens without thought.
For example when a teenager has a dirty-dream in the early hours of the morning they will often wake up wanking and not realise for a while.
Teenager- Haha, Larry's having an auto-wank in his sleep!
by uwanttruthitellz May 10, 2009
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A point where audio stimulation reaches such an intense level that the brain rewards the body with an orgasm in the ear.
An audiogasm can be achieved when-

1. A girl is talking extremely dirty to a male on the phone.

2. Listening to a solo from the guitar of any of these guitarists- Jimi Hendrix, Sinister Gates, Carlos Santana, John Frusciante, Hermon Lee, Johnny Greenwood.
by uwanttruthitellz May 10, 2009
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Any object, visual, sensual or stimulating of any other sense that holds the characteristics appertaining of Buzzardace.
A disgusting object or situation.
Buzzard Things-
Bad Smells.
Some people.
Illuminous Orange.
Text Speak.

Buzzard Situations-

Professor Heinrich- And the thing that perplexed me the most about the intriuge of the deciduous deux ex machina was the exquisite irony of a dodecahedronal mammal surmounted off its homo-sapien cousin of submission and shameful ridicule by its society's peers.
Rick the stoner- ...Yeah, I know, it's buzzard.


Kelly- I wouldn't drink out of that glass, my brother just farted in it.
Jenny- Buzzard!
by uwanttruthitellz May 09, 2009
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Pronounced- wrap-'ead.

Definition- When someone forcefully enters a conversation against the person's wishes; without consent. This is the raping of conversation.
Man 1- And the thing with the theory of evolution is--
Annoying man- Yeah, evolution, huh?! Crazy!
Man 1- Can you just let me finish, we're talking her--
Annoying Man- The thing is that how can we agree with it when it conflicts with the bi--
Man 2- that's not the issue at all!
Man 1- Can you please just go away.
Annoying Man- Oh, fine!
Man 1-... We just got totally Rap-ed.
by uwanttruthitellz May 10, 2009
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