adj. of, relating to, or suggesting heaven or divinity

n. a person with whom you hold in very high regard
What a celestial being (in regards to his love-making skills); in another universe even

The act of saying goodbye. That outcome was celestial; in fact, it's the best possible thing that could've happened to me, like burning the ashes of a dead corpse and being set free
by celestialbeing July 24, 2013
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A heavenly being who gives comfort and assurance to those people around her.
She is a celestial indeed! Look at how she lightens the mood of a crying kid.
by Yozora June 9, 2021
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a HOT!! chick, often times refer to as an angel from above
by Joe November 24, 2004
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My site is more Celestial than yours is.
by Josie November 1, 2003
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The act or intended act of having sexual relations with heavenly bodies, such as planets, stars, or comets.
As a child, James would often look through his telescope hoping to find a place where he truly belonged, yet it wasn't until college when his desires became clear as he discovered he had feelings for heavenly bodies.

It became apparent to him that he was into Celestiality, whether it be a Black Hole, the tail of a Comet, or just gazing at Uranus in the night sky, James finally knew what it is he wanted.
by Celestial Lover February 17, 2011
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(n) A certain breed of people that the word sexy will often be used to describe. Very elegent flow that some how attracts them to walls. Although can be very nerdy at times, are some of the most amazing individuals. Never dull moments with these ones. Can be very playful and especially like to hang out with friends. Love to smile and laugh.
1."Look at that celestie there, Oh she just hit a wall"
by Havoc08 September 1, 2008
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