A kingdom of Middle Earth in the parallel dimension and world to ours. Known for its castle with a pointy cliff tower thing which looks like a mashed in adams apple, it peers in sight to Mordor. Giving the history between the two kingdoms alot of people who lived on the border close to Mordor would have to sacrifice a greased up tea cup pig, a 3 legged goat, and stomp a smurf in order to get Gondor to protect them. Once Gondor received these gifts they would send 1 Calvary company. If 2 smurfs were stomped then they would send the entire Calvary Division. No one understands the hatred Gondor had of smurfs but it was there nonetheless.

While the Elves sodomized the Dwarves, Gondor did the same to the Hobbits. They used Hobbits for underground sex slave trades. They also forced Hobbits and Dwarves to mate to produce an unholy offspring called Dwarbbits to use as a work force. Dwarbbits couldn't speak so it was Gondor's loop hole around labor laws of that time.

All of Middle Earth had a grudge on Gondor though because they were the reason for Mordor coming back to power in the first place. Kings of Gondor were known for giving in to peer pressure. Also, the Kings had a fettish with shiny objects and didn't like to lose jewelry which is how Middle Earth got so F'd up to begin with.
The Kingdom of Gondor made money off the sex slave trade.
by The Informant99 January 7, 2012
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Located just west of the land's of mordor Gondor the land founded by Isildur and Anarion was a dominion of men in middle-earth. It reached it's peak of power in the Year 1015 of the Third age and had an enormous kingdom spreading from the misty mountain's to Near Harad.Gondor was almsot destroyed at the Seige of minas tirith/Battlle of pelenor feild's in the war of the ring,The Rohhirim,Led by the king of Rohan Theoden charged the orc's seiging the city. Shortly after that Aragon (King elesaar),Legolas of Mirkwood,and Gimli son of gloin led the army of the dead to will the bettle.
1)The kingdom of Gondor
by Spartan4Gondor March 12, 2005
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A word you feel compelled to shout whenever you and a large gathering of people are about to do something ridiculous and impulsive.

Shouting "For Gondor" makes the stupid act seem meaningful and awesome. This phenomena often occurs when under the influence of alcahol or cannabis.
Aran- You sure you want to go down the slip-road in these trollies?
Pot-head- Come on guys- FOR GONDOR!!!


Rita- He just won't listen to me, I don't know what to do!
Derek- What would Gondor do?! Huh?!
Rita-... Gondor would find a way.
Derek- Exactly.
by uwanttruthitellz May 9, 2009
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Gondor was the most prominent kingdom of Men in Middle-earth, bordered by Rohan to the north, Harad to the south, the cape of Andrast and the Sea to the west, and Mordor to the east. Its first capital was Osgiliath, moved to Minas Tirith in TA 1640. The city of Minas Tirith remained the capital of Gondor for the rest of the Third Age and into the Fourth Age; other major fortresses included Dol Amroth in Belfalas and Osgiliath, which was a city on the Anduin.

Gondor was founded by the brothers Isildur and Anárion, exiles from Númenor. Gondor was an allied kingdom with Arnor, whose line of king chieftains came from Isildur, while the Line of the Kings of Gondor descended from Anárion. Gondor was at the height of its power in its early years due to the ships and the military might that its armies possessed. However, continued attacks by allies of Sauron, civil war, and a devastating plague caused it to gradually decline over the course of the Third Age until Sauron's final defeat and the crowning of Aragorn II Elessar. Following that time the power of Gondor once again expanded, and the former lands of Arnor were united with it under the banner of the Reunited Kingdom.
Gondor means 'Land of Stone', from Sindarin gond (stone) + (n)dor (land), most likely given to it because of the White Mountains (Ered Nimrais) and other mountain chains in the land (hypothetical Quenya name Ondonórë).
by GoDoSomethingProductive March 31, 2021
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A large, hairy creature somewhat resembling a human. Commonly found in the mountainous regions of West Virginia, Gondors feast on beans and beef. Gondors are normally around eight feet tall and three hundred pounds.
Look at that Gondor!
by AGHM August 5, 2010
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A noun used to describe a person or persons particularly intrigued by anime, japanase animation. A harsh insult; to be named "gondor" is to be labelled strange and unfriendly.

Originated from the childrens TV show, Recess, the strange comic book kids might say, "Gondor Primulon". Now transformed into modern day "goth/outcast" stereotype.
Ex: Look at all those greasy gondors under the stairs!
by gss1.2.3 October 12, 2009
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FOR GONDOR is usually a phrase men hear when a woman notices the condom has broken during intercourse, thus impregnating the helpless female.

But fear not, she now holds a mighty warrior in her womb raring for battle!

_ _ _
*Upon withdrawal of the penis from the vagina, woman notices condom has broken*



by FORGONDOR October 24, 2011
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