73 definition by troy

The night of the dark, when people meet up at a pre arranged location, with cider and other random alchol and get wasted! Traditions include, Troy drinking, attempting to get the troy to drink!
I went down thee somerset night, and got wasted with troy and the lads
by Troy January 27, 2004

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spending money on alcohol even if you shouldn't drink
my parents kicked me out when i was pissing my money into the wind.
by Troy December 15, 2003

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A greeting Between two close friends
Aye!, How it going sweetness.
by Troy May 03, 2003

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to Stimulate your mind by erecting on others hoods
The ever-popular "Somebody F***ed on my hood" incodent!
by Troy December 09, 2003

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Word to describe a Vagina in it worse condition; a smelly or gross vagina
Fuuucckk...that bitch is bunk, i can smell that shight from here...uuggh
by Troy May 03, 2003

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Slang for Smoking weed.

Invented by me, when someone I know lied to his g/f and told her he was going "catching turtles" but really went to smoke weed with a bunch of his friends.
They all went out to the sandpit catching turtles.
by Troy September 25, 2004

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to sit in a theatre, watch the previews and realize you are at the wrong movie.
I went to the movies with a really hot girl then, realized that we sparkin-a-dingoed.
by troy December 04, 2003

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