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Emo are the cuts that the depressed kids leave on their arms after they cut themselves.
I wear longsleeves to hide my emo cuts.
by Troy January 8, 2005
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Slang for Smoking weed.

Invented by me, when someone I know lied to his g/f and told her he was going "catching turtles" but really went to smoke weed with a bunch of his friends.
They all went out to the sandpit catching turtles.
by Troy September 25, 2004
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a person, by the name of dan who reminds one of a neanderthal. a rather odd looking fellow with a large brow and forehead.
cave dan has been doing some serious crushing!
by Troy October 30, 2003
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the mode of a man who reaches fits of rage when his girlfriend even speaks to another male or even mentions another male. this mode often involves asking about every unfamiliar phone number on his girlfriend's cell, checking her email without her consent, following her when she goes out for the night, and will make sure that he knows where she is and who she is with at all times. thi mode is a nightmare for his girlfriend's friends as they will tell her to break up with him constantly
he's in CBM again and he won't quit calling.
by Troy October 31, 2003
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A wireless mobile telephone. Works virtually the same as a standard land-line home phone, except it runs off of a batery and is wireless and receives signal from the numerous cell phone towers. Apart from a standard phone, these phones often include text messaging, ability to take pictures, browse the internet etc... very usefull and sometimes necessary (depending on your personal situation), especially if your on some nowheresville road and your car breaks down. PLEASE TURN OFF OR SET ON VIBRATE IN PLACES SUCH AS MOVIES/FUNERALS ETC... do not drive and talk unless you can actually do it competently, most people cant. some can.
by Troy February 16, 2005
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A stank ass female that seems like a good idea to fuck when ur drunk.
"I'd love to stick my man pole in that little cock sponge at the end of the bar !"
by Troy October 22, 2004
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crass is a good band not a shitty one like all you other people say
by Troy November 8, 2003
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