72 definitions by Troy

To add genius to something which currently contains little or no credibility.
by Troy February 5, 2003
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"were out of ber(drinks)....
Troy- Ber?
(Brian and jack put their fingers in the air)
Troy (returning from garage run)-"wereouttaber!!!!!"
(I think brian thought this one up)
by Troy May 1, 2004
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When getting a blowjob you push the girls head down so hard when you cum that both blood and cum shoot out her nose.... creating a red cum dragon
She was pretty pissed when I gave her a Red Cum Dragon
by Troy April 24, 2003
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What Jeff Rosenstock considers Matt Wixson.
Matt Wixson is a douchecock, although it's not wise to offend him like I did.
by Troy August 27, 2008
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Intentional misspelling of "of" for ironic effect.
Might that we could have to leave this general vicinity and retreat southward till the coming fo dawn.
by Troy February 6, 2003
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the most superior organism on earth
i wish i was a gecko
by Troy December 6, 2003
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to sit in a theatre, watch the previews and realize you are at the wrong movie.
I went to the movies with a really hot girl then, realized that we sparkin-a-dingoed.
by Troy December 4, 2003
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