72 definitions by troy

Ryan is such a malut
by troy February 20, 2003
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liquid derived from the male genitalia. Also known as semen.
"I'd love to spray my man-spackle all over that young woman's forehead."
by troy October 22, 2004
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a girl lies on a bed, tied up and blind-folded. the dude tells her he is going to pour warm water on her naked body and instead he pisses all over her.
that stupid bitch, she fell for the ol' kansas city shower and now she smells like piss
by troy October 30, 2003
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to Stimulate your mind by erecting on others hoods
The ever-popular "Somebody F***ed on my hood" incodent!
by troy December 9, 2003
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1. a class we take because we hate ourselves

(from the Latin "mathis" meaning "Satan's Alphabet)
Person A: "I hate my life and I want to make it horrible"
Person B: "I know of a good math class..."
by troy October 4, 2004
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wierd/cool, usually in respect to sex

having a midget lick your poon when being shafted by a lion is kinky
by troy February 20, 2003
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n. Mystery Science Theater 3000: A television show in which humorous comments are adlibbed during the viewing of a low quality B-movie.

v. To make a Mystery Science Theater 3000 episode that focuses on a specific film.

adj. The Mystery Science Theater 3000 version of a film.
they should mst3k battlefield earth
by troy February 5, 2003
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