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A site online for learning maths that you use in junior high school. It is the rot of all evil and is hated by every student to suffer through its existence. It features unsolvable questions, retarded formulas and hints which are absolutely useless. The site is at mathspace.co, and is literally Hell on Earth.
Teacher: We have some work today on Mathspace
Student: dies
by thecrazycatten March 24, 2020
One of the two major political parties in the United States, along with the Democratic Party. It was founded by the great Abraham Lincoln, but is now the cult of President Trump.

They believe in gun rights, patriotism, lower taxes, a free market and closed borders. Also, a lot of them are white, men, don't have a college degree, are evangelical Christians or live in rural areas, or a combination of these factors.
Person 1: I don't really believe in God...
Member of The Republican Party: Omg! How could you say hat! That's so evil! Abortion is murder! You snowflake!
by thecrazycatten March 28, 2020
The AIDS of the internet and the ultimate epitome of internet culture. Started back when the internet was first gaining traction back in the 1990s. Undoubtedly was at its peak from 1998 through about 2006. It has definitions written by teens and voted on by other people. Urban Dictionary has a front page, but there's not really much point in browsing the top words as it's really only sex stuff that 13yo virgins post. (Oh my god sex definition! Must upvote!!!!!!!1!11111111!!!!!1!111112222)

The site as a whole is pretty good though. You can also look up your first name and look at its top definition if you want a self-esteem boost, or if you want the harsh truth find the second last page of definitions and look a that.

The community primarily leans liberal, and everyone on here seems to be some sort of Bernie Sanders fanboy, anti-USA retard, but hey, there's worse.

Also, all the best definitions were from before the Obama Administration (not making a comment on Obama politically, that's just the time that it all stated going downhill). And the name of the site sometimes abbreviated to Urban Dick; However, good idea to keep away from those tards.
Nick: What's Urban Dictionary?
Will: Culture porn.
by thecrazycatten May 14, 2020
Kid on chatrooms with a higher rank that always abuses mod power and bans/punishes people unfairly, often for no reason at all.
"Damn, that kidgold just banned me for one edgy joke."
by thecrazycatten March 27, 2019
The absolute best skeleton of all time and a hilarious meme. Came from the 2015 videogame Undertale and has been immensely popular ever since, and saw a huge popularity surge about halfway through 2018 with the release of Deltarune.
Wife: If you had to spend the rest of your life with anybody, who would it be?
Husband: Sans from Undertale
Wife: *leaves*
This is so sad Can we get 10 likes
by thecrazycatten February 10, 2019
The newest and best ore in Minecraft. Added in v1.16 in 2019, Netherite is the most powerful ore in the game. You find it in the low parts of the Nether dimension as Ancient Debris blocks which you then bring back to the overworld to smelt into netherite. Netherite ingots then combine with diamond gear to make netherite gear.
Bob: I don’t mean to brag, but I have diamond armor.
Marley: I don’t mean to brag, but I have NETHERITE.
by thecrazycatten October 24, 2020