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The newest and best ore in Minecraft. Added in v1.16 in 2019, Netherite is the most powerful ore in the game. You find it in the low parts of the Nether dimension as Ancient Debris blocks which you then bring back to the overworld to smelt into netherite. Netherite ingots then combine with diamond gear to make netherite gear.
Bob: I don’t mean to brag, but I have diamond armor.
Marley: I don’t mean to brag, but I have NETHERITE.
by thecrazycatten October 24, 2020
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A site online for learning maths that you use in junior high school. It is the rot of all evil and is hated by every student to suffer through its existence. It features unsolvable questions, retarded formulas and hints which are absolutely useless. The site is at mathspace.co, and is literally Hell on Earth.
Teacher: We have some work today on Mathspace
Student: dies
by thecrazycatten March 24, 2020
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The year four years from now, 2020. And hopefully it’s better than this one, and coronavirus is gone.
Bill: What’s 2024 in Roman numerals?
John: I think a better question is what it is on Urban Dictionary.
Bill: True
by thecrazycatten May 19, 2020
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Refers to that last page of entries that receive lots of dislikes and will appear on the last page of a popular word here on Urban Dictionary. Usually this last page of definitions will be one of these:

a) An honest testimonial on the page of a name, e.g. Blake is mean and a bully
b) A non-PC entry done after, say, 2017
c) Anything supportive of the Second Amendment or Donald Trump

Also, finally, just really retarded definitions and gay inside jokes we didn't ask for.

The four of these things all come together to make the final page of definitions.
Nick: Oh shit, what's that? Looks horrible!
Will: Dear God, we've stumbled onto the last page of definitions.
by thecrazycatten May 14, 2020
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Kid on chatrooms with a higher rank that always abuses mod power and bans/punishes people unfairly, often for no reason at all.
"Damn, that kidgold just banned me for one edgy joke."
by thecrazycatten March 27, 2019
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1. (adjective. An absolute piece of shit human being. Doesn't do anything to improve situations and when a bad one is going on, it will either sit back, relax and go on a holiday in a foreign country or be the on who created the bad situation in the first place.

Takes its name from the 30th Prime Minister of Australia, Scott Morrison or 'Scomo', for his inept and carefree attitude towards the nation's 2019-20 National Bushfire Crisis. Or in other words, not doing jack shit while the whole country was ablaze.
Person 1: fucks everything up
Person 2: fixes the problem
Person 1: I did it! I fixed the problem!
Person 2: You're such a Scomo.
by thecrazycatten January 07, 2020
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