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is the current power in US politics. They currenty own 57 of the senators, the White House, and hold 234 seats in the House.

Oldest running Political Party in US History. Tend to vote Left of Moderate.

Given power of the White House after former President Bush. This might be related to his 2 terms in office where he actually increased the size of goverment and increased spending, the opposite of his Party's ideas.
Democratic Party holds the majority of miniorites in US, including homosexuals, immigrants, African Americans, Hispanics, etc.
by Good Ol Boy May 19, 2009
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An American political party. They are well-known for having numerous flaws, such as lack of general ideas, hypocrisy (touting free speech and then growing irritated any time anybody says something that could be construed as a slur), and lack of party identity (though 90% of African-Americans vote for this party, its longest-tenured member of the Senate is a former KKK leader). However, it also has some positive qualities, most notably the fact that they are not the Republican Party.
The Democratic Party may not be a great option, but it's certainly better than voting Republican.
by JohnJF April 11, 2008
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A party that largely makes accurate decisions while maintaining an open mind and aids in the lives of everyone.
"Did you go to that kegger?"
"Nah, I went to a Democratic Party."
"That's wicked gay!"
"They gave out free abuse flyers!"
by Alexa Henault May 17, 2007
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A hypocritical political faction that:

has no interest in preserving morals

encourages many negative aspects of our society including irresponsibility and laziness among people

hampers business and commerce in an effort to superficially appear appealing to working class citizens, while in fact hurting them in the long run due to increased taxes and the subsequent inflationary increase in prices of products
No surprise then that the Democratic party generally supports legalized disposal of "unwanted" human life (that >96% of the time is not because of rape/incest or potential serious health problems for the mother), minority-supremacy racism known as affirmative action, trying to make our country a pushover for terrorists, welfare and other programs that don't give people much incentive to work harder, completely unreasonable CAFE standards on cars that will surely be either the downfall of American automakers or drive the price of the average automobile sky-high (or both), unnecessary minimum wage increases that do nothing but cause inflation, causing money already earned and saved to be worth less, and labor laws that make it difficult for a hard-working person to work when and how they want.
by qwerty9C1 August 17, 2007
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The unequivocally false political party within the United States of America's political party system. This party is made up of phony, false, pedantic, and pretentious figureheads. This party believes in giving rights to illegal aliens, (instead of kicking them out of the country, hence the term ILLEGAL), blindly increasing taxes and government programs without any justifiable means or gains for doing so, and leniency/tolerance towards criminals and those individuals who refuse to take responsibility for their own decisions that then lead to their own predicaments/problems in life.

If you believe government should step in to take care of you, even when you are perfectly capable of taking care of yourself and you just choose not to work, then this political party is tailor made for you.

According to Sen. Kerry you should stay in school or you will end up in Iraq. Implying all soldiers, who protect America and its citizens are stupid. Say what you want about some of the things Bush has said but he never insulted those who protect our freedoms. And never investigated officials responsible for investigating suspected or proven terrorists. Terrorists dont have human rights.

Special Note: The unemployment rate under the Bush administration was lower then any other time under Clinton's administration, and never approached the 10% that it is now at in Obama's administration. But dont look for any major media outlets to put a report out on that.
Ted Kennedy: Is it true, Mr. Alito that you at one point belonged to a racist, conservative political action group?

Justice Alito: No Mr. Kennedy I never was a member, I also never drove drunk off a bridge, killing the passenger in the car who trusted me with her safety and then tried to cover it all up, can you say the same?
Ted Kennedy: Well, I,...umm,......guess we can move on to the next question.

Sen. Clinton: I still believe illegal immigrants should be given a valid driver's license.
Republican: You do realize the enormous security risk it creates for terrorists to enter the country and procure viable identification, not to mention the word ILLEGAL we are skipping over in the discussion?
Sen. Clinton: Well I just,...I think that,...uh,...
(2 weeks later)
Sen. Clinton: I withdraw my support for Gov. Spitzer's plan,...blah blah...
Sensible person watching on TV: What a phony she is.

Michelle Obama: For the first time in my adult life I am proud of my country.
Conservative: So you werent proud of your country when you had the opportunity to go to both Princeton and Harvard University on government grants, and the opportunity to advocate for the hiring of more minority professors during the 1980s?
Michelle Obama: Well,...yeh,...I guess,...I guess it was alright.

Conservative: Looks to me like it was better then "alright" to you and the Democratic party as well.
by Skidmark McGee October 02, 2009
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