dude youre seriously looking up the word dictionary?? you must be freaking bored
youre looking up the word dictionary? nerd
by hiiiiiiiiii., February 11, 2011
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A Useless book of information. The only useful dictionary is the one you're reading at this moment. Also If they misspell a word how would we know? Mrs. Stocks's best friend.
by go123 December 23, 2010
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What you're reading right now, but without all the assholes, anti-Americans, dumbass n00bs, atrocious grammar, made up words, slang, gibberish, and other crap.
The world is so lazy these days, that instead of reading the dictionary, they wait for the movie.
by Cyberquad April 6, 2004
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You're an asshole.

-Demitri Martin
I bought a dictionary the other day. When I got home, the first word I looked up was dictionary. Next to the word it said...you're an asshole.
by G-rett May 2, 2008
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The crap that you need to use at school because the teacher is too much of a lazy ass to tell you the meaning of a word
Boy: What's the meaning of that word?
Teacher: Go use the DICTIONARY and find it yourself
Boy: Screw you
by TruantKittyBangbang June 10, 2010
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