Junior High School is where guys get their ding dongs hard for no reason, girls bleed in their pants, and mexican kids walk around like they have shit running down their leg, you meet assholes that are on A-Team for football, and you watch and giggle from afar at the nerdy tryhard LOTC kids that think they're Navy SEALs.
"Junior High School has so many tryhards."
by AllKnowingBigBoy February 20, 2019
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A school in the little town of spoiled White Christians ran by a principle that is super fun until you say something mildly incorrect then he turns into the spawn of Satan. But, not every thing is bad about this school you can pretty much get weed or alcohol from any of the sevies who have less than point five brain cells. I mean they are running the school like they own the place by blasting music with out the care in the world or just bringing fucking megaphones to school just to say the N-word into because they felt like it. But, once they get told to shut the fuck up by the eighth graders they do even dumber shit like yell coochie as they slam into a fucking locker. But, Mr.Cat-Dildo does jackshit about it until an eighth grader does it then it becomes the law of the land and you get in-house suspension for like month. Either or this god forsaken school cares about it's academics so much that even if the student cries himself/herself to sleep at their computer while doing three hours of homework that was just for one class nothing will be down about it and if your grades go under a C then you will be lucky if you don't get fucking bombarded by the slightly smart sevies taking one eighth grade class. So If you plan to go here, DON'T, RUN, HIDE! Get away as fast as possible unless you want drugs from the sevies or if you want to be in marching band, we have an good one of those.
Mom: I am so excited you are going to the Jenison Junior High School
student: Fuck!
Mom: Hey! we don't say that in my Christian household!
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its filled with racist rednecks who wanna fuck cows and girls that are hoes and wanna start fights.
person 1: help me find a girl
person 2: look at Lebanon
Lebanon junior high school- filled with thots
by ;@]) |>&- December 9, 2019
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Located in the valley of TN this place is absolutely dog poopoo, they serve undercooked/overcooked barnacle looking hamburger patties at 11:30…😐 and not to mention the teachers, don’t ask a question it’s a trap, they tell you to ask questions, then when you ask one they tell you that you didn’t listen and then explain it the same way with no differences, insult to injury.
Yoooo Ms.MidlifeCrisis I didn’t understand example 1 what does it mean? Teacher, Steven your absolutely useless, you don’t listen, you talk too much, you don’t care about school and if you listened then you would understand.
Steven, dang. Goes back to not asking questions and suffering in silence.

Seymour Junior High School: the place where we die mentally.
by Everything is taken bruh October 20, 2021
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a shitty school in the shitty town of jenison. most people are annoying ass christians and dont shut the fuck up about their youth groups. the principal sucks and people will probably call you a slur at some point. the white girls are hella annoying and have lots heat damage on they hair and half the dudes have no personality and get no action whatsoever LOL anyways i need fucking therapy from going to this school
jenison junior high school sucks ass
by imup222nogood March 5, 2022
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A trashy school in a ghetto location where there’s drama, fake people, bougie white girls, and dramatic people looking for problems.
Person: Oh what school you go?

Person 2: Washington Junior High School

Person: please stop talking to me
by Mari7896 November 20, 2021
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