Fictional alloy, which is stronger than diamonds, in the videogame, Minecraft. You find debris in the dimension "Nether" and can convert that to netherite scrap which you combine with gold to make this godlike material. With this, you can make any tool/armor, that you normally can with diamonds and iron. You can also make blocks of netherite. Netherite was added into the game in 2020's "The Nether Update" and made diamond a weird middleman for many in the progression tree of Minecraft.

Note that there is an in-game achievement for crafting a netherite hoe in the game, "Serious Dedication", widely considered the most useless item in the game.
"1v1 me bro, I got diamonds"
"You fool! I have already reached the much superior netherite stage"
"Oh no! Show mercy!"
by MasterMysterie October 24, 2020
It might be better then Dimonds but dimonds are always the best
Person 1: I found Netherite!
Person 2: Dimonds are still the best
by thisismineiguess July 9, 2020
The newest and best ore in Minecraft. Added in v1.16 in 2019, Netherite is the most powerful ore in the game. You find it in the low parts of the Nether dimension as Ancient Debris blocks which you then bring back to the overworld to smelt into netherite. Netherite ingots then combine with diamond gear to make netherite gear.
Bob: I don’t mean to brag, but I have diamond armor.
Marley: I don’t mean to brag, but I have NETHERITE.
by thecrazycatten October 24, 2020
|Achievement Unlocked!| Serious Dedication

Use a netherite ingot to upgrade a hoe, and then reevaluate your life choices.
Steve 1: Hey look i made a netherite hoe
Steve 2: wtf dude you made the most useless item in the game. WHY in the world would you make a netherite hoe?!
Steve 1: I have nothing else to do Sad face :C
by Herr Leutnant February 4, 2021
An ingot that you can use to make netherite tools and armor
Person 1: yo I made a netherite ingot!

Person 2: well diamond is still badass
by plsdontdie April 15, 2021
the most powerful gear in minecraft and it is even better if you enchant it
full netherite armor is used to protect in minecraft and it is the most op gear
3 nig- oh shit, 3 netherite ingots
3 netherite ingots is netherite from minecraft ni
by defnotfrogree September 25, 2022