the culture arising from the increasingly ubiquitousness of technology in our everyday lives. Though said to have been coined by Al Gore in the 20th century, this term has recently gained widespread notoriety in popular culture and academia with the emergence, and in the end acceptance, of social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, and even the archaic myspace.com. Internet culture arguably first took root through America Online and its popular instant messaging service, AOL Instant Messenger, in the early to mid 90's and refers most simply to a culture in which human interaction predominately occurs via non tangible means. Opponents of this movement, Neo-Luddites, have argued that the decrease in vis-a-vis correspondence is a dystopian harbinger of globalization.
Person 1: OMG! cheezburger is the greatest thing ever! LOL, lolcats are sooo cute!
Person 2: Sweet Jesus, I hate internet culture.
by Longinator February 12, 2010
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