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Ho says "my special flied lice, my very special flied lice and my very very extra special flied lice are all my much improved flied lice. Or there is just my flied lice."
by theWestHamfan November 10, 2003
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"that geezer from beffnal green is o.k" exclaimed francis.
"'cept for one fing" replied candice "'e's got too much bunny!"
by theWestHamfan December 9, 2003
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"his sister's name is lily,
she's a pro in piccadilly,
and his mother's yet another in the strand,
his father flogs his arsehole,
at the elephant and castle,
they're the finest fucking family in the land!"
by theWestHamfan December 5, 2003
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sylvie said "i'd l l l la la la like to d d da da do that"
"are y y y ya ya you in th th tha the clitty clitty clan clan clan th th tha then?" replied the next door neighbour.
by theWestHamfan January 19, 2004
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an enormous dildo with nine horny plates to excite the clitoris and the whole area
kev thought the woman was funny 'cos she kept grinning all the time.
then he noticed what appeared to be a cue case was in fact a nine banded armadildo. "table two please!"
by theWestHamfan January 27, 2004
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to play soccer having the defence arranged with four players in a straight line
"get back in line Ferdinand" shouted Fergie. "we're playing a flat back four"
by theWestHamfan November 5, 2003
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an old nautical term for tempting a new recruit to the bowels of the ship for the purpose of homosexual activities
"see Roger, if you bend right over you can see the golden rivet"
by theWestHamfan November 6, 2003
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