going out on as many dates as you can in order to find your prince.
after they both recently broke up with their boyfriends, mary and nancy decided they needed to go frogging.
by jalyro April 6, 2011
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An alternative for the commonly used curse word "fucking" Used by conservative Christians and others who feel BAD saying BAD words, so they substitute obvious words to curse anyway....

Also see (Hypercrite)
"ust say what you mean, you frogging ashhole!"

Also see "ashhole"
by Cathi Robertson June 17, 2008
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when nasty people in louisiana get drunk and go into a dirty pond at night an catch bullfrogs with the intention of selling them as food.
dirty boy-do yall wanna go frogging?
girl- frogs are gross.
by busty B & dirty D June 13, 2009
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A dance move that involves doing a sexy squat to the ground and back up again in a frog-like motion. Can be performed by either sex, but is only true frogging if you look really stupid.
"I love this song, I challenge you to a frog-off!"

"Did you see the girl in the apple bottom jeans frogging?"
by Ali-May May 2, 2008
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C'mon guys. Think of your lady on top with her knees up around your hips and she is fucking you. She is as naked as a frog and in this position she is frog-like in appearance. Feels good, too. And she gets to dictate terms.
My babe and I were making love and we rolled over such that she could frog me. She gets off on frogging me as she is able to control the clitoral contact. Good stuff.
by Tag Team January 1, 2008
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A sadistic contest where two people repeatedly hit eachother, generally in the shoulder (sometimes on the leg or arm), until one person can no longer take the pain.
"Dude, Kurt and I were frogging last night. He frogged me so bad I can't even lift my arm."
by The Obnox May 19, 2009
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