124 definition by tOmmy

The act of riding in the back seat of a car when the front passenger seat is available.
Tommy: "Do you want to sit up front?"
Tony C: "No, it's cool. I'm gonna ride VIP."
by Tommy May 18, 2004

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to defecate a large mass of sheeit.
i dropped a doogan on her mom's face, it was nasty.
by tommy February 18, 2004

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Movie found on Ebaums world involving 2 guys singing about breakfast in sync.
Guy 1: Milk and Cereal!
Guy 2: Milk and Cereal!
Guy 1: Cereal and Milk!
Guy 2: Cereal and Milk!
by tommy December 17, 2004

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"We call it sticky sticky, but ya'll like to call it pot"
by Tommy March 25, 2003

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lateearly The mixture of late and early. The period of time between 4-6 a.m. after staying awake all night. It is "late" from the previous day, yet "early" for the current day.
Man I woke up latearly today.
by Tommy April 18, 2005

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a big gathering of sound people
there is a big crewage in the park
by tommy April 26, 2005

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From the word 'puny' meaning below average in size. Punite has evolved into a derogatory word meaning a man with a small penis.
Fuck off you punite, I've had it up to here with you.
by tOmmy April 26, 2004

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