123 definition by tOmmy

a white boy who thinks he's black, hangs out with nothin but black people, wears baggy pants, talks slang, thinks he's a player, thinks he's a "homeboy", and uses "yo" too much, and thinks he's a gangster but he's really a wankster
yo, yo ,yo homeboy yo you heard dat new eminem junk yet yo
by tommy February 14, 2004

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a pile of vinyl records often found in studios
nothing but the stacks of wax, man
by tommy September 19, 2003

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to praise; laud; Also a Christian Death Metal band
Extol extols the name of God so morosely.
by Tommy August 23, 2003

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The act of riding in the back seat of a car when the front passenger seat is available.
Tommy: "Do you want to sit up front?"
Tony C: "No, it's cool. I'm gonna ride VIP."
by Tommy May 18, 2004

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acronym for does it look like i give a fuck
as the customer yelled at me for no reason, i said "dillygaf" and went on my way
by tommy December 30, 2003

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1.An EVIL laugh by a villan
2.sound made whan laughing
The minions just laughed,"MWUHAHAHAHA"
by Tommy October 17, 2003

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Go away, you part-time supporter of Macclesfield Town Football Club
by Tommy April 01, 2003

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