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From the word 'puny' meaning below average in size. Punite has evolved into a derogatory word meaning a man with a small penis.
Fuck off you punite, I've had it up to here with you.
by tOmmy April 26, 2004
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the illest town in cali.
patterson's sick
by tommy August 15, 2003
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The sweat on your grundel
wabt to drink my grundel honey?
by Tommy January 19, 2005
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A person with an abnormally large head.
Jonny and Dexter laughed uncontrollably as the mongloid walked into the classroom
by Tommy December 04, 2003
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The name of a godly person. A member of an elite group, especially a person having influence or high status in intellectual or cultural circles
by tommy June 16, 2003
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Used when somebody says or does something sickening, peadophilic or just plain nasty.
Joel: "That girl has nice legs"
Joel: "Still good though"
by Tommy March 02, 2005
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From the Lambourginhi, Cuntash is a small, moustach like tuft of hair on her minge, often like a pornstars.
Ask your mom to show you.
by Tommy February 23, 2005
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