A adjective meaning overly, very, extremely, absoultly. Normally used in an exclamation sentences. Mostly used as a fifty cent word, to make yourself sound smarter.
"You can't miss Gladys, she is ambiguously huge!"

"I am ambiguously angry with you right now!"
by Darthtigger69 April 24, 2008
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Very vague. A person who avoids answering any questions ever, even avoids the most direct questions.
Phil: "Do you want to hang out?"
Kathleen: "Ummm maybe."
Phil: " Do you ever answer questions?"
Kathleen: "Probably not."
Phil: "You are being very ambiguous."
Phil later picks up on this rejection tactic.
by madhatter_ismad May 27, 2015
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When someone describes something loosely, either due to a lack of more descriptive vernacular, or more commonly, they are being vague because they are afraid to confront a person or situation with how they actually feel. People are sometimes ambiguous because their true opinion is brash, rare, too personal, and they either simply haven't the confidence to share it, or sharing it would result in Too Much Information which could prove damaging for either party in the conversation. Ambiguity is common today in things like status messages and news headlines where the writer wants to paint a topic with a broad brush. Politicians are often ambiguous on talking points that they may wish to later flip-flop on.
i.e. status message: "I strongly dislike arrogant people", denotes a value that could use some elaboration, but would probably be too divisive or damaging to share, and so it is purposefully ambiguous.

i.e. "the massage parlour bill had an ambiguous charge added to it"
by tangledweb November 16, 2013
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A word to describe someone or something that is difficult to understand, see or find. Can also refer to size. Negative.
Eg. "Dude, I'm over her ambiguity. I never know where I stand."

"His dimensions were all a bit ambiguous if you know what I mean..."
by tinydancer10 June 3, 2010
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Mysteriously unclear.
The reason why anyone would want George Dubblya' as president is ambiguous.
by Cyrusticity April 24, 2003
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Likely to describe a furtively unclear person whose personality is indistinct, usually making it difficult for many people to understand them. This can cause these individuals to have little or no friends.
by uffielemna July 21, 2005
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Having a double meaning pertaining to a person. If talking about a girl meaning that she doesn't get what is really going on and what you're wanting to do. Sort of like misleading.
"Damn bro she keeps acting ambiguous when I want to have sex with her".

Don't be so ambiguous girl ;)
by chillinbrah January 21, 2011
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