1. A song from the 60s
2. One who thinks he can twice
3. One who was raised by a cup of coffee
4. One whose Jenga ship was shanked
5. One who tapes a spoon to an eggplant for a pumpkin carving contest
6. One whose hat repeatedly flies off his head and majestically back on in a circular motion while he utters nonsense
Homsar, tell us about your childhood.
I was raised by a cup of coffee.
Really. How did you end up here?
Twas the pride of the peaches.
by Giusto April 11, 2003
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1. There are some facts about Homsar that are known to be true.

*He's a song from the 60's
*He was raised by a cup of coffee
*He put his best foot flowered
*He thinks he won the Powerball
*He's just in time for the Murder Mystery

Homsar can be seen around homestarrunner.com, mostly as a hidden character. His best friend is Strong Sad, and he is protected by kerrek.

2. Misspelling of homestar by Vinnie C.
"Daaaugh! Hi, Wonder Mike! I'm Homsar, the captain of the Gravy Train. Climb aboard! I put my best foot flowered. Pashooo! Sure beats breaking up with me! Don't look now, I'm just a friendly reminder! Daaaaaugh! Whaaaaaa! I think I won the Powerball!"
by Kerrek November 22, 2003
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wow! there is so much 2 say bout homsar! he rocks!

1. He does what he's told.
2.He was the pride of the peaches.
3.He was raised by a cup of coffee.
4.He never fakes the funk on a nasty dunk.
5.His favorite halloween treat is a wrench.
6.He's the ORIG-nal ladies man.
7.He is the ghost of christmas past.
8.hes a song from the sixties.
9.He manages to play connect four while strong sad shanks his jenga ship.
10.he lots his jenga jam.
11.he saves the best for last.
12. he likes the jeffersons.
13. he can think twice.
14.and, my personal favorite, he is a million ladies tall!lol!

Homsar rocks and is you don like him then u are crazy!
"Hey Reggie! Is that rhinocerous around?"
"Hey Tubbs, I just lots my Jenga jam."
OO! and so much more!
by C.A.L! May 17, 2003
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1. A trendy tote bag
2. Knows that its a healthy piece of real estate
3. A blue midget homestar
Stave it off, 1-2-3, and now you can count to three.
by Zach G. August 15, 2004
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A rambling, white, egg shaped Homestar being, defended primarily by Kerrek. It has been said that, despite his java-induced childhood, he managed to gain a title as a song from the sixties, and has gained the respect of the peach community.
Homsar, tell us about your childhood...
by Tzar Trusk March 19, 2003
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1.He thinks he can twice
2.He thinks your name is Wonder Mike
3.He's the Captain of the Gravy crew
4.He's got his best foot flowered
5.He thinks a pumpkin is an eggplant with a spoon taped to it.
6.He's the Ghost of Christmas Past
7.He's a song from the sixties
8.He doesn't fake the funk on a nasty dunk
9.Don't look now! He's just a friendly reminder
10.He thinks he won the PowerBall
11.You sunk his Jenga-Ship
12.He lost his Jenga-Jam
13.He thinks Bubs name is Tubbs
14. He calls Strong Bad "Reggie"
15. He thinks Strong Sad is a rhinocerous
16.He's the original ladies man
17.His favorite Halloween treat is a wrench
18. He's a million ladies tall
19.He was raised by a cup of coffee
20.He's the pride of the peaches
by Anonymous July 18, 2003
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A retarded, white, marshmallow-looking creature whose life and origions are unbeknownst to even the most brilliant scientists. He's funny, too.
Hi Wonder Mike! I'm Homsar! The captain of the Gravytrain!
by Lieutenant Tarpit July 20, 2004
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