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a term for a person who is dirty and stupid. often the same as whitetrash, but any race can be trash
That kid poncho is a retarded peice of trash
by slopass December 12, 2002

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1.A slang word for a females vagina that began as poon-tang and then was said to inbreds who added a little southern lip to to become poonany.

2.Also a raunchy Blues singer/musician who really hasn't yet hit the big time.
1. "Hey Cletus, I just put my sausage in Betty-annes poonany."

2. "Poonany is one good Blues musician."
by slopass December 12, 2003

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A sexual act where a female gets into the fetal position and their partner sticks his/her thumb into the female's anus and thier middle and ring fingers into the females vagina. After the insertion is completed, the female must be lifted and brought to the nearest stairway and be rolled down the stairs, just like a bowling ball down the lane, hence the name "filthy bowler"
Person1: "Hey, you know craltan."

Person2: "Yeah, Why?"

Person1: "He gave Tammi the filthy bowler, isn't he cool?"

Person2: "Did he really? He is the coolest!!"
by slopass December 11, 2003

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A large group of nasty, often hideous, girls, or whales of human female form, who graze and eat most of the day and go nutty for boy bands and chocolate bars.
"Don't sit at that table, that is where the cattle sit, you don't want to go near them, you might be eatin."
by slopass December 01, 2003

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black man sized dick or an actual elephant dick
Have you seen the new movie snakemen. Those guys have elephant cocks.
by slopass December 18, 2002

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The one who runs the show. What he says goes. The one who is in charge of the bouncers at a club, they see everything. Usually they earn $5000 up front, $500 a night, CASH! Yeah.
To protect my investment I've hired the best damn cooler in the business.

by slopass December 13, 2004

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Is it a guy with a mullet? Or is it a Tard? It's both, it's a mulletard!
look at that poor pathetic mulletard
by slopass December 18, 2002

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