Calves that become feet without taking an ankle break.
Look, Mary! Al is making a special anklet for your kankles! It's a kanklet!
by attentionwhore April 22, 2004
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when a person's ankles and calfs meld into one, possibly because they are fat as hell, or genetics may come into play.
damn, homie! those are some kankles!
by amy May 12, 2004
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a fear based reaction to the lower extremities causing the joint area to exibit unnatural qualities visually recognized as fatty skin. "fantasy application"
quick get some leg warmers ....kankles are growing.
by julieday September 4, 2016
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A disease in which the calf and the foot merge together, effectively cutting out the middle man, aka the ankle.
Look at that lady, her calves just go straight into her foot, man she has kankles.
by TheGibber June 15, 2006
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when the ankle bone is not defined on the leg,thus it is a kankle!!
looks like u only have a calf and then foot!!!!ya dont have to be fat to have them!!its just a default!
by zlim July 9, 2005
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the freakish comingling of ankles and calves which forms a long, blob-like arc down a fatty's leg.
Chris Wimer has kankles.
by bee-dub December 19, 2005
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a horrible disease which occurs when the excess fat from the calf merges with the ankle...this forms an area that looks like an extra long fatty calf leading to the foot
Mike Rossetti has the worse case of kankles I've ever seen in my enitre life, I mean those things are massive.
by FuzzyBoSack October 6, 2006
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