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a place on any local golf course to get drunk with friends and random people. there will usually be a bonfire on the nearest sand pit.
hey, you going to the woods tonight?

that chick bobbled those two guys at the woods
by laaalalala August 13, 2009
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Ringwood, New Jersey, a paradise of trees and lakes and home to the coolest people alive.
by TR lova September 22, 2004
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Shortened name for Foxwoods Resort and Casino located in Ledyard, CT. Great place to go when there aint shit to do.
Todd: Yo let's go catch some tail
Dave: Fuck that, lets go to the woods!
by Steven Muntner *see RAT-MAN April 04, 2005
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often referred to as a woodsie, this north american habitant is known to enjoy beer, cigarettes and women. the woods is also and all around good guy who is well liked by all, cause he is awesome.
the woods is so cool i could buy him a present.
by jick September 07, 2004
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Another name for St Mary of the Woods College in Indiana. Used by attending students, faculty/staff, and locals.
We're stopping by the woods to pick up Sally, then we're going to Rose.
by slytherinwoodsie June 21, 2005
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A saying cried by helpless people who have just completed a traumatic hiking experience involving masturbating retards and tent-loving gang-bangers.
"I'm sorry Zoe, it was the woods! The Woods!"

"Hey Joe, ya wanna come to our orgy?"
" more gang-banging, please!"
"Dude, what's wrong with him?"
"The....The WOODS!"
by CrazyAxer September 27, 2009
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