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a trail of seamen running from one brest to the other
this morning I tittie fucked my girl and gave her an apalachian trail from the left to the right
by skyjack_fixer@yahoo.com January 24, 2008
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A term used to put the fear of god in to someone.
almost a threat or warning of pre or post insanity.
come on in boy and set down and tell me about your self
you like my daughter
have fun you treat her with respect and ill see ya when you bring her back ill probably be up all night cleaning my guns
nobody likes me everybody hates me i am going home to clean my guns
by skyjack_fixer@yahoo.com March 6, 2008
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Whoa look at those two on the bed, Yeah hes a colon cowboy and so is he.
by skyjack_fixer@yahoo.com March 8, 2008
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a sandwich shorter easy to say the boss says go grab a dwich.
Dont worry your dwich is safe
my what you never called it a dwich
nope well eat up its all good
by skyjack_fixer@yahoo.com April 4, 2009
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when you have been cramping and you sit on the throne and take a dump and it violently shoots out splashing in to the toilet bowl like a rocket shot in the water usualy accompanied by a loud fart and a splash in the bowl all at the same time.
oh oh man I need to go in the bathroom that burger king breakfast is going right through me
whats that noise
oh dont go near the shitter vins in there firing off some ass missels
by skyjack_fixer@yahoo.com February 3, 2009
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Derogatory Term name or describtion for a penis.
Hey buddy what are you doing tonite
Im broke I think im gonna stay home and play with my fish mallet tonite.
by skyjack_fixer@yahoo.com October 13, 2007
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