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this is a term describing a person who picks and chooses his jobs usually taking the gravy work for himself and leaving the shity work for all the others picking through the pile or whatever
he was picking through the pile of work orders so he could find the car he would flat rate the most time in the least time and when they caught him they said hey dont pick through the pile you fucking sifter
by October 30, 2007
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Originally describing hard riding stoner mountain bikers from Wellington in the early 90's, and fringe dwellers of the Cuba Street scene, now expanded to cover a wide range of counter culture theorists and urban cruisers.
A bunch of sifters were sifting out in the cafe, smoking hooter and chilling, it was a sifty scene.
by wheels October 07, 2003
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noun person who acts in a sifty manner especially in pubs/clubs etc. Originated Otago University, New Zealand.
that Dave is a total sifter
by snicksnacknicerack June 11, 2005
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sifter n.
Middle English siften, from Old English siftan
Through a uniquely New Zealand south island experience, sifter has come to mean much more. A somewhat sarcastic twist on the first NZ usage (being to search for meaning); it is 'doing stuff' so long as that stuff has no bearing on a career, paid work, community work,
Wanaka is now home to many fine exponents of the sifting way.
Q - Hey man you working today?
A - Nah bro, just sifting.
by Willi_B June 23, 2005
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1)To blend in/push in with other people, generally to ones advantage. A sifter is one who sifts, and is generally looked down on.

2) To come on to/ spade someone without any encouragement.
1)Hey, that guy just sifted into the queue. That's not fair, we've been waiting far longer than that sifter.

2) Ew, Kelsey won't leave me alone. He's such a sifty bastard.
by PlumTea May 29, 2004
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A creep. Sifting onto all the ladies.

New Zealand slang
What a sifter! STOP SIFTING ONTO ME!
by Oslang-utang November 26, 2016
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noun. homo sapien specifically originating from lincoln university, canterbury, new zealand.
highly intellectual but actually well spoken pikey.
interests: lsd,pot, farmer scaring, surfing and sifting.
capable of blending in any social circle and only detectable by another sifter.(see sifter)
the aliens have landed, lets party.
(the drugs and beer have arrived let us celebrate)
by chanelle knows where u live September 14, 2003
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