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Low priced everyday goods from China. Generally associated with poor quality but is not true in many cases. If it weren't for 'Made in China' goods', you'd pay 50% more for everyday goods (because imported Chinese products are far cheaper than local products). Most 'Made in China' products are safe to buy, except for the ones in dodgy packing or without a use-by date.
I know alot about 'Made in China' products because I'm a Chinese person living in the US.
by Skyboy September 07, 2005

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The only true meaning of this word is mass murder.
Every year there is at least one Carnage in the streets of America due to it's incredibly high crime rate.
by Skyboy September 08, 2005

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Sexual fixation involving vomiting, being vomited on or eating vomit (yours or someone else's). Truly one of the most disgusting fetishes I've read about.
Vomit fetish = fucking sick
by Skyboy September 06, 2005

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1. To masturbate (have sex with yourself). Auto = self and sex = sex.
2. To have sex with an automobile. Auto = automobile and sex = sex.
1. Auto Sex in bed in quite normal.
2. Auto Sex in the garage means you're seriously fucked.
by Skyboy September 08, 2005

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A paraphilia, shoe fetish is a fixation on a shoe, usually a high heal sandal or high heel boot. Somewhat linked with foot fetish.
A lot of Dominatrixes wear shoes suitable for men with shoe fetish. What happens next is somewhat disgusting.
by Skyboy September 05, 2005

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The informal right to brag and boast about an achievement you've made. You get this right after you've achieved it.

If you make it up, you might get away for a while, but you'll get bashed if they find out you never earnt this right.
Geek A: *Three headshots in Counter-strike in 30 seconds*
Geek B: Bastard, you shot your own team mates
Geek A: But it was still 3 headshots, that means I get bragging rights
Geek B: You're a load of shit, no bragging rights for stupid noobs.
by Skyboy September 05, 2005

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(Chemi symbol Ca) A chemical element with atomic number of 20 and a molar mass of 40.08 grams.
In terms of physical properties, it's melting point is 1115°K or 842 °C (1548 °F) and boiling point is 1757 or 1484 °C (2703 °F). It's density is 1550 kg/m3 and it's molar volume is 26.20 cm3.
In terms of chemical properties: it is a group 2 metal (or Alkaline Earth Metal) with 2 electrons in the outermost valency shell. As well as 2, 8, and 8 electrons in it's 1st, 2nd and 3rd shell respectively, which are not used in chemical bonding.
Calcium ions typically have a charge of 2+ and exist in aqueous calcium salt solutions. Calcium exists, chemically bound, in human bones to provide strength as well as in Marble structures.
Calcium is not naturally found in its chemical form due to it's relatively high reactivity. However, it is the 5th most abundant element in the earth's crust. Elemental Calcium can be extracted through a process of smelting and electrolysis. It reacts spectacularly in water or when ignited in an oxygen rich atmosphere.
Calcium used for experimentation in labs is usually a dull greyish colour because the surface has been oxidised by atmospheric oxygen.
*Anyone who has bothered reading this far is truly a nerd (or someone doing an assignment)*
I am the science man who has concisely defined the chemical element calcium in his own words.
by Skyboy September 06, 2005

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