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Ja-P-orn = Japanese Porn. Just fuse those two words together and shorten accordingly.
Mr Otachi: Ai, this is great Japorn, really turn me on.
by Skyboy September 8, 2005
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The informal right to brag and boast about an achievement you've made. You get this right after you've achieved it.

If you make it up, you might get away for a while, but you'll get bashed if they find out you never earnt this right.
Geek A: *Three headshots in Counter-strike in 30 seconds*
Geek B: Bastard, you shot your own team mates
Geek A: But it was still 3 headshots, that means I get bragging rights
Geek B: You're a load of shit, no bragging rights for stupid noobs.
by Skyboy September 5, 2005
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As opposed to homophobia (fear or dislike of homosexuals), homophilia is the sexual attraction towards homosexual people. This is not to be confused with simply "homosexual", homophilia refers fixation on homosexual people of either gender.
by Skyboy September 6, 2005
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Verb (Metaphor): When someone has a dick so small that his hands are too big to properly masturbate it. "Tweezers" refers to action of masturbating such a penis with tweezers.
Pat has claimed to have a penis that was 10 inches long but in reality it was 10 millimeters. No wonder he takes tweezers every time he showers.
by Skyboy September 1, 2005
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There are too many fetishes to be all recorded in a fetictionary, but the mains ones are always there.
by Skyboy September 8, 2005
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One of the shiftiest occupations a someone can take. Car salesman earn commision from whatever they sell and will lure, lie, mislead, con, deceive people into buying a car. This is especially true when it comes to used cars.
A car salesman ranks 9.5/10 on the shifty scale along with the real estate agents, politicians and professional con men.
by Skyboy September 9, 2005
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When a sick man looks at naked Pokemon and gets an erection.
Sick Bastard: Oh yeh, turn over Pikachu so I can see your ass. Yeh, yeh, I'm getting a Pokerection.
by Skyboy September 8, 2005
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