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The informal right to brag and boast about an achievement you've made. You get this right after you've achieved it.

If you make it up, you might get away for a while, but you'll get bashed if they find out you never earnt this right.
Geek A: *Three headshots in Counter-strike in 30 seconds*
Geek B: Bastard, you shot your own team mates
Geek A: But it was still 3 headshots, that means I get bragging rights
Geek B: You're a load of shit, no bragging rights for stupid noobs.
by Skyboy September 5, 2005
Ja-P-orn = Japanese Porn. Just fuse those two words together and shorten accordingly.
Mr Otachi: Ai, this is great Japorn, really turn me on.
by Skyboy September 8, 2005
Verb (Metaphor): When someone has a dick so small that his hands are too big to properly masturbate it. "Tweezers" refers to action of masturbating such a penis with tweezers.
Pat has claimed to have a penis that was 10 inches long but in reality it was 10 millimeters. No wonder he takes tweezers every time he showers.
by Skyboy September 1, 2005
Low priced everyday goods from China. Generally associated with poor quality but is not true in many cases. If it weren't for 'Made in China' goods', you'd pay 50% more for everyday goods (because imported Chinese products are far cheaper than local products). Most 'Made in China' products are safe to buy, except for the ones in dodgy packing or without a use-by date.
I know alot about 'Made in China' products because I'm a Chinese person living in the US.
by Skyboy September 8, 2005
To masturbate furious and achieve orgasm in a matter of seconds. Usually happens when a man suffers premature ejaculation or when he has very little time to masturbate.
I once did speed masturbation and climaxed in 15 seconds- a personal best.
by Skyboy September 5, 2005
Refers to the extremities of sexual deviations (paraphilias), e.g. shit fetish, snuff fetish, fisting, etc. The fact is, the human mind can be distorted so much that there really is no limit to sexual deviation. So the limit is in a metaphorical sense.
You may think the sexually disturbed sickos imprisoned for life in max security prisons have reached the limit of sexual deviation, but how can you be sure?
by Skyboy September 6, 2005
The unofficial name for psychologists who study the fetishes and other paraphilias. Causes, behaviour, thoughts and treatment. It is a branch of sexology.
I am a fetishologist by profession, that is why I have defined so many fetishes.
by Skyboy September 6, 2005