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mentally:when a person is obsessed with another person, inatimate object,or animal
visually: staring at or gazing at something or in a constant direction for a long time
I naturally have a fixation for women when I see them.
by Sasha June 14, 2006
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When you are obsessed with somebody or you are concentrating like crazy on them. This is not always good, though, as you might not be able to be with the person, or they might not like you in the same way.
Jane has a fixation on Johnny Depp. It's a shame, because she will never see him.
Mark has a fixation on Tim's girlfriend. That will cause a lot of trouble, especially as Mark and Tim are besties.
I have a fixation on my crush. I think he might like me too, if I stopped constantly staring at him.
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by FluffySlushyCat February 17, 2019
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