Pornography in which the genitals are censored out of the video. Because genitals are nasty. No one wants to see that shit.
He might as well be squeezing toothpaste onto her face, Rajif thought as he watched the end of the Japanese porn.
by gimmedatsammich February 6, 2011
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Porn from japan(if you could not figure that out,get a shirt that says not right for mating).

Anyway japan is known for its toon porns but it has so many vile things they have to offer, Like bukake ,not too mention their oppsession with youth and school girls.
Tim:Hey i just saw the grossest thing
Tim:I saw this movie from japan where they had (cencord)!
Tim:Thats just not right! Um do you think i can see it?
by Smart Duffus July 30, 2005
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pornography thats of japanese people, tends to be cartoons a lot and mostly with just guys
oi gareth! stop looking at japanese porn!
by sexie asian August 24, 2003
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Something a man with blonde hair and a gay ass apostrophe in his name will jerk off to every Thursday afternoon at 1:25 pm. He will last exactly 3 minutes and 21 seconds. When he cums he will let out a moan that rivals Polish kids screams from the gas chamber during WW2. His post nut will come out 8 minutes and 6 seconds after he cleans up. Thank you
Is that blonde gay watching Japanese Fart Porn?
by Jwidjjjsjk April 16, 2020
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