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A small amount of an alcoholic beverege typically above 80 proof. Served in a small glass known as a tumbler. Variety of mixed shots; whisky is the most common straight shot in America.
by Shoes July 15, 2003

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a note to follow so
so a needle pulling thread
la a note to follow so
tee a drink with jam and bread!
That will bring us back to do-o-o-o-do...
by shoes March 28, 2004

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a language spoken by English homosexuals during the second world war and by older theatrical types.
by shoes April 23, 2003

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It's a bar on the end of the counter where you are supplied with such tasty items as jalapenos, pepperocini, banana peppers and pickles. You can also purchase Jimmy’s Batch 81 Three Pepper Chili Sauce.

A vertible Peppertopia
I thrust my pelvis in the general direction of the pepper bar. Indicating that I was equally as spicy.
by Shoes February 27, 2004

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putting some ones penis up ur ass
as in sorority girls, hey that's the girl Jimmy backdoored!
by shoes October 17, 2003

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Bad Mental Image. When some one tells you something and you see sumthin in ur head that u really don't wanna think.
Sarah: I gave mike head for his birthday!
by Shoes April 05, 2004

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A young man at Eureka College that hates his room mate and is waiting for the perfect time to kill him.
Hey, there is shoes just chill'n
by Shoes April 18, 2004

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