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To go behind someones back or if someones betrays you.

Also used in Big Brother USA if someone betrays a member of their team
That bitch backdoored me.
You backdoored me man.
by edward banana figures August 18, 2006
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To go on a night out with the LADs and sneak off home without telling anyone at too early a stage in the evening.
LAD 1: Wait, where's Elliot gone?
...10 minutes later after looking high and low...
LAD 2: What a swiller! He must've backdoored it.
by Hot Chocolate Slut August 25, 2014
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To hit someone in the back of the head , running or not.
White Guy : *Not paying attention to anything*

Black Guy 1: *Runs at extreme speeds and hits white guy in the back of the head.*

Black Guy 2: "DAMN! He just backdoored the shit outta that white guy!!"
by Hyrohimaru May 31, 2010
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