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a language spoken by English homosexuals during the second world war and by older theatrical types.
by shoes April 23, 2003
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Mud slingin, panty droppin, mobile beer cooler all in one. Guaranteed to get you side-chicks. Forget 4wd, you'll break a front axle anyways so just keep her in 2wd and give her hell. Don't worry it'll only overheat constantly. But that just gives you time to stop and drink more beer
Broke an axle in the mud pit, then it overheated so I stopped and we had some beer.... Pulled it out and kept on truck in.

Polaris- a beast of a machine that is only ment for serious rednecks
by Panty droppin Polaris April 06, 2017
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The Huge arctic storm crossing the the united states. In Jan. 2014
Man1: Hey, did you prepare for Polaris

Man2: No man, I didn't! My powers out and I'm Freezing!
Man1: Well, I still have power! Come over man!
Man2: You live 2 miles away!! Hella NO!
by supersun January 06, 2014
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There worst blue piece of machinery money can buy.
Did you see his new Polaris Rush? I sure did, what a piece dung that thing is.
by Blueville December 08, 2011
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