318 definition by sean

a fat upper pussy area
I love the foupas at Splash Mountain!!
by Sean December 07, 2003

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The king of Fighters. Man among men, like a rock, he is undefeatable and i giant compared to any man. The meaning of terror and the mennace of chaos.
Just get out of my way...
by Sean January 08, 2004

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horrible magazine, published with shit piled on top of more shit.
Every Fucking Issue
by Sean June 01, 2004

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To get punched, kicked, beaten, or racked hard in the balls.
I got sacked hard in a fight last week.
by Sean June 24, 2003

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A vulgar reference to an: idiot, moron, jerk. Used to convey the mental image of a man metaphorically described as a wadded-up ball of a tallywhacker (otherwise known as a penis).
Good sir! You have just applied your forefoot to the top of my heel and unearthed my foot from its leather placing! I inquire an apology, post-haste, dickwad!
by Sean August 13, 2004

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ghetti slang for air force ones
i got my new af1'z airbrushed
by sean May 28, 2003

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A dressed and split chicken for roasting or broiling on a spit
(If you're jerking off with a spatula you need serious psychological help)
by Sean February 26, 2004

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