318 definition by sean

The beard that a man will grow after his girlfriend has broken up with him.

Used in the song Razor Burn by Lagwagon
"On the night she left me, facial hair grew miraculously, I dressed in black like Johnny Cash and grew this beard of shame."
by sean December 01, 2003

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A person not welcome in Ireland who's sole purpose for staying is purely to piss absolutely everybody off by constantly trying to reaffirm their links to the crown when everyone else would rather they proved it by just fucking off to Britain. (ok, not everybody, I don't think the British want them either)
Look at that fat bowler hat wearing hun parading up and down the street.
by Sean April 16, 2004

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can be used at any time, in any situation
"yer maw"
by sean September 22, 2003

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Subaru Impreza Turbo. Apparently Subaru sounds like Sccoby-Do to young boys especially chavs
Wicked Scooby Mate!!!!!
by Sean September 07, 2003

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someone who you consider being a relative but really isn't
james is my kinfolk
by sean October 20, 2003

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A Volkswagen Cabriolet (Cabrio convertible), so characterized due to the car's chronically indelible resemblance to a picnic basket. The attribution of the title "bitch" to the driver of said conveyance is purely speculation.
"Are you going to meet us at the movies in your fucking bitch basket?"
by Sean March 10, 2004

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when you have sex with a chick like you havn't fucked in a decade.
i beast fucked nancy into a wheelchair.
by sean December 10, 2004

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