318 definition by sean

1. A comic made by Marvel, which centers on a blind vigilante.
2.Someone who does a near impossible stunt.
3. A comic based movie, which everyone thinks is a crummy movie just because of casting problems, but they are usually wrong about this.
1. (tagline): Here comes Daredevil, the "Man Without Fear"
2.(guy) Did you see that daredevil jump the canyon?
3.(message bourd poster)OMG! Daredevil sucks! I can't belive they cast Affeck and made Kingpin black!!!
(me) *blasts with a shotgun*
by sean April 02, 2005

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This is a term for inhaling the smoke from weed or tobacco by smoking out of a pipe or rolled in paper (referred to as a joint in the case of weed and a cigarette in the case of tobacco).
James handed me the pipe and I hit it, then while I waited for the pipe to come around again I took a cigarette and hit it as well.
by Sean April 07, 2004

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For many centuries man has called his genitalia by the name shlong or talliwhacker. For those men who have yet smaller ones, they call them wee wees. A wee wee is a gross looking penis with a face on the head scribbled in blue ink.
Little Georgey asked him mom for a new toy, so she told him to go play with his wee wee if he had nothing to play with. He played with his wee wee and soon the house blew up.
by sean October 27, 2003

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A celebration of extreme importance and maximum enjoyment and such
so, i heard you last night from downstairs, sounds like you were having quite a jubilee.
by Sean February 28, 2005

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to perform oral sex on a woman
I mow box for a living
by Sean February 22, 2003

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the shit, the REAL men
by sean December 16, 2003

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One who continuously drinks beer, fucks girls, does cocaine and smokes an amazing amount of weed.
Yo lets cop a 40, hit the slopes, burn a marley and fuck that bitch
by Sean February 02, 2005

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