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the act of swapping spit with your significant other... or perhaps just some hottie you met at a party, but anyway, you just sit there sucking at eachother's faces for an extended period of time and if you're lucky there might even be a little romming around of the hands if ya get my drift :p
Bob caught me making out with this dude at that party I wasn't supposed to be at cuz I told him I was sick...
by Sasha June 28, 2003

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when a penis does not have the foreskin removed
his uncircumsized penis made sex more pleasurable.
by Sasha July 01, 2003

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Really bad hand writing that only the person who wrote it can read it. Most often it just looks like scribbles.
Bob I can't read your chicken scratch! What does this say??
by Sasha June 27, 2003

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awsome, cool, nice, hot person who is the greatest!
that girl is like "KALA".
by sasha March 26, 2005

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Ultimate Frisbee term used to describe a member of the team stripping down to nothing, putting a frisbee up their bottocks, and being carried about by four other players who are themselves sometimes topless. Usually done at social gatherings or during tournaments.
"She had no qualms using her brand new frisbee in her landshark"
by sasha December 13, 2003

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Baruch College is one of the schools within the City University of New York. It is the most ethnically diverse college in the United States (according to U.S. News & World Report). Although its student body includes a small percentage of nerds of all ethnic groups, the increasing majority of students comprises extremely lazy, smart-ass thugs from the former U.S.S.R. The female counterpart of this group includes snotty, but overachieving women who are obsessed about their clothing and their GPAs. Other more deserving minorities are decidedly in the minority, and are currently being pushed to the back of the educational bus. There are many leather coats, Kiev Dynamo shirts, overly-worked fingernails, 5" spiked heels, etc. throughout the campus adding to the generally slimey atmosphere.
Yo, dat Ukie bitch think she hot shit. Well, I go to BaRuCh, and eat Russkies for lunch.
by Sasha December 07, 2004

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a name for a hot gurl
da gurl is a fine showty
by Sasha February 27, 2004

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