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Hey did you see the uberdyke over there with the mullet and the man pants on?
by sasha October 11, 2003
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derives from the term {retard it's not PC but merely refers to somebody socially undeveloped- sometimes it's needed! you people know who you are!! Oh and it also means to be late tardy but I prefer the first expression.
"erm no sorry I don't do tards"
"do you have to be so tarded??"
by sasha November 11, 2004
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used in short to signify ones misfortune. Most often than not it is said in a tone that could only mean disaster..
Oh geez, the dog peed all over my pillow again! Now I'm going to have to sleep in the garage again!!!
by sasha June 27, 2003
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a hardworking sexy handsome guy very talented and he is a great husband to me !!!!!!!!!
he is always doinhis best even when itgets hard he always pushes the limit
by sasha July 07, 2004
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A word that can be used to mean a cheese used for anything from waxing your mustache, your car, your dog, and is absolutely ok on crackers.
Shizha! *laugh laugh cackle cackle snort snort* (can be used in any context whatsoeer.)
by sasha July 09, 2003
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