punk rock band from the late 1970s in Los Angeles. The band consisted of Darby Crash (real name Paul Beahm, vocals), Pat Smear (real name Georg Ruthenberg, guitar), various alternating and short-lived drummers (Donna Rhea, Belinda Carlisle or Dottie Danger) then finally Don Bolles, and Lorna Doom (bass). The band was at first a joke, performing stunts on stage to distract from the fact that they lacked skill on their instruments. Darby would smear peanut butter on his chest and pour sugar everywhere during "Sugar, Sugar", break bottles on his head, and even cut himself on stage. Later shows became very violent and the band was banned from many venues. Their sound changed over time to be poetic and aggressive, and they developed a bit of a cult following. At age 22 (1980) Darby Crash committed suicide by overdosing on heroin. He wrote a note that said "Here Lies Darby Crash" and splayed himself out on the floor like Jesus on the cross. The next day was John Lennon's death, which overshadowed Beahm's. The band is now performing with Shane West replacing Darby. Shane played Darby in the upcoming film "What We Do Is Secret."
by Emma the Germ December 11, 2006
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An inconveniencing person.
I called myself just talkin’ to the bitch… we ended up arguin’ , i’on even understand how I can put up with that shit? …She’s a germ bruh…”

“Bruh I feel for you for real… it’s hella people like that out here in life…”
by TrenchTrophies August 21, 2021
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if u have aquired aids, you have obtained "the germ"
yo, that bitch on 49th i fucked had the germ dogg, im gonna die!"
by Paul July 15, 2003
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1. usually offensive; see usage example below : a white person of Germanic descent

2. usually offensive; see usage example below : a member of any light-skinned race of Germanic ethnicity

3. : a member of a socially disadvantaged class of persons that pertain to a Germanic country or background
Example 1: Germs love to have incest, do drugs, be dirty, and steal.

Example 2: Why do majority of germs have cancer? Because their fucking dirty germs, it's in their nature to be cancerous.
by Fulano de Tal May 06, 2013
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An outstanding music producer who manifested the careers of both Wiz Khalifa and Mac Miller amongst others, in Pittsburgh USA.
by beanerrr March 29, 2011
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West Coast skater slang (after the terrible, terrible skate company) for someone who spends hundreds dollars on skate shoes, clothes and other merch, only to show up at the local skate spot or park with a cheap ass $20 deck and next to zero knowledge of skateboarding. Actually lower than a poser. Skaters who do this are refererd to as Germs.
Skater 1: So yeah, I'm gonna do a Noille Tre filp 360, then a 180 hardfilp and finish my line with a back lip to hand rail.

Skater 1's friend: Go for it dude!

Germ Skater: I'm gonna follow up with a no hander 220, then a few wheelies and then a few bunny hops!

Skater 1: Pack up your skateboard, grab your stuff and get out. Fuckin' germ.
by Danny Danger July 20, 2010
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