Thats what is normally said from a person when another person say something thats disagreed with. This word also gives hypeness to someone that is already angry about something. It originated on the Northside of pittsburgh.
Skype: Nigga that bitch Iesha got cake Rock: Nigga thats what, her ass is small as hell.


Fuck you nigga, thats can't see me nigga, thats what, thats what bitch!
by slangologist2010 August 9, 2010
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a term used to describe something that is good or right. Commonly said to one who is in a good relationship. See example.
1: "Things have been real cool with wifey lately. We back to how things were from the start."

2: "Ok, thats what it is!"
by m-t-a July 1, 2006
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Something that is in style now. Or what is popular today.
Song, Clothes, Shoes, People, etc....
Shaquaqua: You hear that new DJ Unk, its crunk?!!!
Shalalaqua: Yea gurl, thats what that is!

Paul: I guess you think you cool
John: Im what that is, you aint know?

"Im what that is, you what that aint"
by booya! April 3, 2008
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When Someone asks what it do, and you do something, you respond with "thats what it do" Or when you make a definate statement.
ex 1) guy 1: "what it do with that new whip?"
guy 2: (does a donut or figure 8) "thats what it do"

ex 2) Killa Keise - "I can go home and pull 50 racks out that Jordan box, thats what it do nigga, they call us guap gang from now on nigga:"
by Thizztapher February 28, 2008
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person says: "yo I just got this/these hot new (shoes, job, CD, car, etc.)
you say:"THATS WHATS UP!"
by BaBiedoll November 27, 2003
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An alternitave to thats what she said, often used to point out when something sounds sexual and wrong.
by jellopool June 22, 2010
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The act of agreeing. Saying something is good!
I just left the doctor and they told me that I do not have AIDS,an STD, or that big boy Herpe,and thats whats up!!!
by Marizzle Shizzle January 23, 2008
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