45 definition by sally

used in place of the word 'ass'
Don't be such a dumb ath.
by Sally February 06, 2005

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Mispronuciation of Lobster. Often used by disco when ordering from Hunan. Other usuages include, wobasta.
Herro I would wike some yummy wobsta pwease.
by sally March 25, 2003

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NOT always fat, most have come to be skinny lil skanks looking to intrap marines and get pregnant by them jus to get their money
look there she goes the skank that boned that marine for his money shes gonna have triplets lol
by sally January 25, 2004

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English canal network phrase. To walk along the towpath watching the boats go by.
I like to walk the dog and gongoozle on a Sunday afternoon
by Sally September 19, 2004

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Pandelephant is a name given to a good-luck keychain that is a panda in an elephant suit. The panda is black and white, and the elephant is blue.
Pandelephant is a special gift i received from Ayaka. Only I own him, there are no other in this world.
by SALLY August 19, 2004

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when you have one man in you pussy and another in you anus(good times;-))
WOW Brittany's had vanus with chad and Jeremy last night!
by sally May 17, 2004

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A comeback created in the early 21st century describing one's feelings to the other side of an argument or issue in a simple and effective form. Can be abbreviated to 'boody'. Related comebacks include: I don't care. Get over it. Whatever.
Tanya: OH my God I can't believe you said that it's really out of order that's really really mean that is actually really stupid you know you're really mean.
Lazy Bob: Boody boo.
by Sally July 25, 2004

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