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Jacking off.

"Playing the trombone originated from an American movie in the 70's. The jock of the movie referred to 'whacking off' as 'playing his trombone'
"I played my trombone like a mad musician right now. The spit valve was pouring like a sucker."
by sally February 5, 2005
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used in place of the word 'ass'
Don't be such a dumb ath.
by sally February 6, 2005
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the coolest kid on the block and the fattest kid on the block everybody wants to be like zaxlax becuase he is super-chill. Zaxlax is the equivolent of Superman or of God when it comes to be chubby-chill. If you are friends with Zaxlax you may be some of the luckiest people on earth. Girls flock to zaxlax to have their babies
Damn, that Zaxlax is super-chill, I want to be like him
by sally February 10, 2004
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Eddie, Bizounce up off the bed, Bizounce Eddie, Bizounce
by sally July 30, 2003
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1. Beverage of choice for 7 year olds drink most commonly mistaken with real fruit juice. Rich in in calicium and vitamin D.
2. The act of sucking the pubic hairs from the inner anus. (Aka. asshoover)
1. Hunny how about another round of sunny d for the kids.
2. Hunny i am to cheap to get a Brazilian wax, so can u give me a warm sunnydelight
by sally March 26, 2003
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An all purpose household cleaner that removes even your toughest stains.
Some of these people should clean out their mouths with a little 409.
by sally June 21, 2004
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