44 definitions by sally

1. (n) A person who is long, lanky, and can't quite handle him or herself while doing physical activities, such as playing basketball, dancing, walking, etc.
2. (adjective--Lurpy) Used for any object that isn't quite how it should be, in a spacial sense.

'lurp' has varying forms depending on whether it is being used as a noun, adjective, adverb, or verb. 'to lurp' is the verb. One can lurp, be a lurp, be a lurpster, be lurpy, or just plain lurp around
1. Look at Jeff, he's such a lurp!
2. My hair is so lurpy today.
by sally June 22, 2003
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to give a guy great pleasure by rubbing up and down on his penis and whispering dirty words in his ear at the same time. girls,he'll love you for it.
oh sally, i've got a boner, could you please help me out and give me a handie.
by sally March 03, 2003
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The desire for a girl named Kam. Often this girl is unobtainable by the person who wants her because of the persons abnormal abdominal muscles incomparison to their body.
Dillon had kamsession, however with treatment and constant jerking off he was able to solve it.
by sally March 25, 2003
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what one calls a girl with the birth name Lauren, who teases men and uses them for sex; while waving a dustmop and a vaccuum
by sally August 12, 2003
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age between 10 and 13.. ya think u are cool, but ya arent.
Those tweenagers wanna hang with us, but they suck balls.
by sally November 11, 2003
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Object that your male friend penetrates while *bumping uglies* Usually painful for the one night stand lady.
While Johnny fucked Sally, she screamed in pain, because Johnny was penetrating her uterus.
by sally December 15, 2003
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