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Used by officious officials at animal shows (eg Crufts) as a request for an animals poncy aristocratic name
official: Fido, whstshowname?
owner: Rumptious Strawberries-Gidlefunk the Third
by robcraine March 15, 2004
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A hypothetical entity that editors in Urban Dictionary are encouraged to publish entries on. In fact, it is the first guideline.

Publish definitions of Jennifer Lopez because she's famous, but reject my girlfriend Sally.
by robcraine November 16, 2005
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Flat bottomed, small, open boat that is powered by a person pushing along with a long pole. Similar to a Venetian gondola. Used in shallow waters (unless you have a really long pole.)
The waters around Cambridge University are often full of silly punts.
by robcraine November 22, 2005
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A phylum of plants that has evolved to live in arid conditions.

If you're lost in a desert with nothing to drink, there can be up to a pint of water inside a cactus.
by robcraine November 23, 2005
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"Those little horsefish look real cute with their horsey heads and curley tail."
"Yeah. Most people call them 'seahorses' by the way"
"Oh yeah..."
by robcraine December 12, 2005
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To redefine a word to make it related to the Nintendo Wii. Usually associated with a wiispelling.
Hah! You're so rubish at using a Wii that I'm going to wiidefine the word retard and call you a wii-tard.
by robcraine December 14, 2006
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Extremely small yet resourceful rats who live in a rug. These diminutive rodents make their burrows in the dark spaces underneath furniture amongst the hairs of your rug or carpet. They live on crumbs and have a tendency to collect shiny objects such as coins or keys, although they have been known to also steal pens, sweets and important pieces of paper.
Those darned rugrats have collected a huge mound of junk under my sofa again, yet the exterminator refuses to do anything about it.
by robcraine November 21, 2005
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