Someone, something or somewhere which is overpriced, over styled, over rated, or thinks more highly of itself than it deserves.
1. Darling, do you fancy going to that new little Italian place tonight? Nah, it's a bit too poncy for me. I prefer the chip shop.

2. What about the lovely diamond ring there? What? You must be joking, that's far too poncy.

3. Why don't you dress like Mike? Sorry, love, that's just too poncy for my liking.
by Guillermo M P May 17, 2007
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provincial pretentiousness.
After lunch we went for a walk in the countryside and she was wearing Gucci sunglasses, Armani jeans and Prada shoes. That was sooo poncy!
by Javid July 6, 2013
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Usually describing Elves from the movie and book series "Lord of the Rings." Poncy is most oftenly applied to Legolas because of his impeccable hair and skin. Poncy describes a ponce, who is essentially one who is overtly concerning with outward appearance.
Stupid poncy elf.
by Yanran April 6, 2004
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A contradiction of terms, often utilised when one is so manly (viking perhaps) that it is impossible to take away from their undeniable maculinity
I must admit Rob's moustache proved that he is undoubtedly a Poncy Nord. I am so jealous
by Overly manly man December 3, 2012
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