Being so in need of a pounding from a guy/girl/tranny/inanimate object that you become dry and barren with lots of tumbleweed in your vagina.
Katy - "I'm SO arid right now"

Ash - "What does that mean Katy?"

Katy - "It means I need a pizza and a pounding immediately"
by Banana Longboat February 25, 2012
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Synonym for dry. When somebody says a really dead dry joke where nobody laughs.
Can also be used when someone tries to par unsuccessfully.
Derives from a geographic word for dry land.
You need some E45 for those Arid insults
by MbongoFromTheCongo February 8, 2011
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When a mammal experiences a starkly dry fart, but their anus hole is so tight that it makes a honk-like noise and one or more little turds fall out.
Riley: "What was that? ... PU! What is that foul odor?"
Abram: *Stands up* *Little poops leak from pant leg* Sorry, I've had an Arid Ronktoot sitting in my rectum ever since we got to church.
Riley: You dirty little pablo pebbles pueblo >:|
by groin fondler August 28, 2019
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Prejudice or discrimination directed against native ecosystems that have evolved and adapted to arid climates, based upon the belief that they are devoid of life, unattractive and expendable.
In a proclamation of naive aridism, Arnold Schwarzenegger said "where most see a wasteland, I see opportunity" (for energy development)
by fup duck March 11, 2023
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