The act of pleasuring yourself to the thought of sticking your entire head inside of a rhino's vagina while also playing the piano.
Dude i totally had a (Curley) session with your mom
by wereu@ July 03, 2011
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school in the "ghetto" where white boys pretend to be black and get beat up. Exhibit A: Ryan Evans
man they think they be gansters but really, they are just so curley.
by yomama April 18, 2005
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An albino;

A person or animal lacking normal pigmentation, with the result being that the skin and hair are abnormally white or milky and the eyes have a pink or blue iris and a deep-red pupil.
Did u see that curly walk by? That mofo was WHIIIIIITE!

See also : Curley Joe
by Sneaks Shatzhispants August 18, 2006
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A person who loves all types of cheese answers to the name of steve plays games and leaves works early
check it out that curley is a proper waster of a cheese loving mofo
by Benguinnes February 26, 2004
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Someone who eats charcuterie boards and works for school admissions and makes me feel special and a puck bunny and failed out of college hockey
by Betty Crockkker March 17, 2021
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An exclusive Catholic high school for men in Baltimore MD.

Curley does not have a football game on Thanksgiving, allowing the Curley men to go to M&T Bank stadium and have their way with the girlfriends of the footballers from CHC and Loyola.
Archbishop Curley guy: Hey, you sure kiss great, what number is your boyfriend.

NDP babe: He's number 72, the real big guy with the tiny weiner.
by Pat M'Groin December 04, 2006
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