on a woman, the soft pad of fat over the pubic bone, just above the vulva
at the last moment, I pulled it out and ejaculated onto her mound
by John R. December 9, 2003
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1. The fleshy part of a woman's torso between the navel and the pudenda, over the pubic bone; the mons veneris.
2. Female genitalia generally.
Man 1: Sofie's hot.
Man 1a: Yes. Her mound is lovely... nice and soft.
Man 2: I agree. I'd fuck her mound.
by Tama Boyle January 25, 2007
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"Holy shit kid if theres one thing i love its a nicely-groomed mound"
by Reggie! October 17, 2003
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Mound is a womans fluffer.
Mounds are the chucklebumps ^_^
-Wow look at her mounds!!!
-Yeah they are sure some awesome croud pleasers.
by Bobbles March 31, 2006
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Mounding is the practice of taking a male's genitals and shoving them up in the body cavity. The end result is that he only has a “mound" that resembles a cunt.
You couldn't tell she was a dude even when she was in a bikini because she was so good at mounding.
by kink4you July 7, 2013
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the notation of fun thats to be had and found between the hip bones on a Fit Chick above the Pubis bone also know as Mons Veneris noobs think they're tucking a tackle when in fact its a pure indicator of dynamo in the sack with the tastiest, neatest and sweet little vagene ever
Guy 1 on seeing a pic of new girl; Holy Shit dude get a load of "TheMound" under that lingerie.
Guy 2. Response; I know right I just have to see it I bet its amazing. It'll ring my Belle

Guy 1 drooling uncontrollably

Guy 2 notices him and see what he sees and also drools uncontrollably

Gay Guy to other Gay Guy; I just don't get what it is they like with The Mound its eeeky
by toetoe82 May 2, 2020
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Inserting pillows under the hips of a girl lying on her stomach, "mounding" her ass upwards....providing easy access to her sweetspot and a spanking target that can't be resisted.
I like to pass a leisurely afternoon tying her up, mounding her just right, and administering to her in painstaking detail...
by Autre June 3, 2009
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