143 definitions by rich

Inbred Community of retards and general idiots. Go to LANs and do spastic things. Most importantly we're better than you.

King-Daeds crouchjumped off a step and broke multiple bones and had his trousers cut off in the ambulance.
by Rich April 17, 2004
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A person or group of people who cause controversy.
The mall was packed with nothing but contros.
by Rich July 18, 2003
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some dank poon tang, pussy
That broski drinks alotta brewski and gets A TON of snatchler
by Rich June 16, 2006
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Fishskin disease most probably will haunt your dreams.
by rich January 26, 2005
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generally of uk southern origin, a fairy is someone who lives in the London catchment area or within an hours drive, thus gaining a Mockney (mock cockney) accent. Usually can be found ordering a shandy in any bar or pub and being generally offensive to any surrounding patrons in the public area. Renowned for replacing U's in swear words with A's.
"alright you fackin cant, oi'll ave a lager shaaaaandy, gav'nor!"
by rich March 27, 2004
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when you hit your dick across your boyfriends face.
He was so upset that he sajawa michael to teach him a lesson.
by rich January 29, 2004
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When you awake from sleep soaking wet because your significant other was drunk and wet the bed. It's the follow up to a golden shower; When one person urinates on another.
Man we got so crunked last night that she busted a golden palace again!
by Rich February 08, 2007
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