18 definitions by reformedpug

the day you and your special someone began your relationship.
when is our anniversary?
by reformedpug February 07, 2017
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I, referring to one's own self and not anyone else.
everybody has always wanted to go down on me don't imagine its just one person
by reformedpug December 04, 2016
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to have eaten already
ya i ate her out till she came and then she begged me to fuk her so i put it in but only made it halfway in before i
by reformedpug November 30, 2016
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like in the movie roxanne where you think you're falling in love with somebody but really its somebody less hot pretending to be the hot person you were interested in at first
cliff, you really roxanne'd me, but now that I've really gotten to know you I'm in love with you instead of that other person because water seeks itsown level
by reformedpug November 28, 2016
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