The alternate dimension you enter when you stand up too fast.
Wow dude are you ok
Yeah, I just entered the void
by bright shower curtain October 24, 2019
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"I freebased some 5-MeO-DMT and entered the void"
by Isak August 17, 2004
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The mystical place one encounters when enough THC is consumed. Usually accompanied by extreme warping of time, philosophical/existential thoughts, loss of ego, and inability to move.
Dude this stuff is insane, I took 2 hits and I'm already in the void.

That shit's 1-hit void my friend
by arungidley May 28, 2009
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The state of consciousness entered when and individual has taken a substantial amount of any possible substance on the sesh, causing them to gravitate onto another plane of existence inside their own mind in which millions of years intergalactic existence become merged into a few seconds and present in the forefront of someone’s consciousness.
bro that shit was good- i think jamie’s about to enter the void
by dxblxn January 21, 2019
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the emptyness that was before space
i live in the void -bones

Bones - TheDifferenceBetweenUs
by iliveinthevoid November 1, 2018
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a chat channel in starcraft that u get sent to for bein bad, u cannot chat or talk in the void
ahhh damn, i was doin bad stuff so they sent me to the void, now i cant chat
by sc fresk July 6, 2005
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